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Calcote Family Journey

by Frances Calcote Brite

Calcote Family Journey contains 300 years of Calcote  family history,
with documents in early Virginia,  North Carolina, South Carolina,
as well as in Mississippi,

Louisiana and Texas.  Included are wills, tax lists, census records,
bonds, deeds, family and cemetery photos, family letters,
diaries, and Revolutionary War documents.  

The records in this book have admitted over twelve members to NSDAR,
and others to Colonial Dames XVII Century.  The maternal lineage
has been
traced  back into England; these lines include
the following names:  

Baker, Bromfield, Council, Cripps, Goodrich and Hardy.  
The John Hardy lineage has been  proven to lead back to
a baron of the
Magna Charta, also to several
Kings of England, France and Italy.


Calcote family history begins with Hercules Calcote

 (1640 - 1684) who by family tradition was said to have
 served Oliver Cromwell, Pretender to the throne of England.  
 By the 1670s, he was in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia.  
 He was a participant in Bacon's Rebellion, for which activity
 his property was confiscated following the
 rebellion.  Calcote Family Journey traces
 the various branches of the Calcote family
 descended from Hercules.  

Among the many connected names are Kennedy, Cade,
Garlington, Buckles, Case, Carsey, Hebert, Durr,
Overton, McBride, Riley and King.

Calcote Family Journey by Frances Calcote Brite
Published 1997  •  Hardcover  •  384 pages  •  Price: $52.35
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